Nature Is Not Inclusive It Is Exclusive

The foundation of the human mind, the ego, is hardwired by nature with an array of tribal type impulses of exclusive commonality — race, religion, region and general philosophy of life. Some folks are inclined to blindly follow this primitive programing. For them truth, facts and science are of little concern. The primitive ego so programed is only concerned with survival and advantage. This is the pure form of one Donald J. Trump. He therefore has enormous appeal to others of a similar mindset.

Such folks don’t care about Trump’s lies or sins. They only care that he panders to their urge for exclusive advantage — us against the world outlook. The heck with those others, we want ours. They see themselves and those same as themselves as singularly superior. Alas, this is how nature at its most basic level intended human life to be.

Were nature’s programing of humans any other way, wars and general conflict would not be possible. This is why primitives like Trump and his followers, deep down in some cases, love chaos, conflict and violence. Trump’s family creed is triumph by any means possible, but win baby win. This win at any costs resonates to the very core with Trump’s supporters. This is why no amount of fact or logic can dissuade them against such a scoundrel.

For instance, Evangelicals don’t care that the Donald is the antithesis of Jesus. They only care that he seems to sustain their embryonic need to feel that they are God’s special people — their aboriginal need for exclusivity.

These types look upon us higher evolved sorts — those of us who admire truth, facts, science and inclusiveness, and wish to live within a nation of laws, not personalities — as disgusting aliens, vermin that need to be eradicated, and hopefully when their dear leader gains full power that will come to pass. And so of course passions between those of a higher emotional IQ and those of a more basic mindset are bound to run high.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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