Night Of The Long Knives American Style

As soon as want-to-be Dictators like our own dear Donald feel threatened they arrange some sort of purge. In Hitler’s gang of thugs, much as with our gaggle of jackals filing into the Trump administration, the German dictator seeing his longtime supporter, Ernst Rohm leader of the SA (the Brown Shirts), as his biggest potential rival for power had him and his top staff liquidated on what became known as Night of the Long Knives.

We can at least hope that “President” Trump’s leadership purges are bloodless. In any event, we can look forward with mild certainty to a long list of political purges during the Trump years. Trump already has created many competing power centers designed to offset any serious threat to his unilateral power. But of course the personality types drawn to Trump are often political cutthroat types in the mold of their leader, folks who will jump at the chance to elevate over each other for personal advantage.

“President Donald Trump, frustrated over his administration’s rocky start, is complaining to friends and allies about some of his most senior aides — leading to questions about whether he is mulling an early staff shake-up” — this according to a recent Politico article.

Thus with Trump’s administration hardly settled in, there is at least one top advisor, Michael Flynn, whose head is already approaching the chopping block, figuratively speaking. The notoriously freelancing Flynn is making independent waves that would seem to rival the upset that Trump prefers to hold to himself. He does not even like it when he is negatively upstaged by another liar, it would seem. Moreover one might surmise that Steve Bannon sees Flynn as dangerous competition for his sacred position in Trump world and has put a nasty bug in Trump’s ear about the former three star general.

Most likely the Flynn controversy is just the beginning of what can be expected to be the start of a high velocity revolving door administration if his current security chief is, indeed, given the boot. Let the fun and games begin with those long knives.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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