Okay Folks The Economic Experiment Is Over

For years the GOP said that if only the great Republican economic theory of reward the rich and they will pass it down would be fully implemented, it would prove to be a marvelous thing to behold. Well the last governor of Kansas Sam Brownback, an ultra conservative Republican, gave that theory a full testing and it quickly bankrupted the state. Trickle down economics did exactly what its critics said it would do. It failed miserably.

Now the good folks of Kansas are busy trying to clean up the debacle of debt and insolvency from the Republican venture in idiocy, and Sam has been shuffled off to wherever: “The Senate split 49–49 along party lines on the nomination of Mr. Brownback, a Republican who has grown very unpopular in Kansas, to be ambassador at large for international religious freedom. Vice President Mike Pence [naturally] cast the tiebreaking vote.” Thus another Republican folly has come to an ignoble end and another one begins.

Meanwhile in California Governor elect Gavin Newsom, a Democrat taking over from a Democrat, is about to head a state with a booming economy and a 16 billion dollar surplus, brought to the fine folks of that progressive state buy those nasty tax and spend Democrats. Funny how good old basic economics as taught in college does the job right.

But of course since all the citizens of that state benefit by solid Democratic economic programs, this infuriates super rich conservatives who want all the public treasure for them. All I can say to these rich guys is keep on plugging away with the old Confederate states. These states have always been a pushover for shooting themselves in the foot by rewarding those who screw them, especially rich guys.

The bottom line is that Democratic competence beats Republican greed in a cakewalk.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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