Once upon a time a scrupulously honest President Harry S. Truman placed what became a very famous little sign on his White House desk, The Buck Stops Here, meaning of course that he was prepared to take final responsibility for all major issues.

Love him or hate him, Donald John Trump is a master of precisely the opposite — he eternally searches for deniability, making sure that he has scapegoats and fall guys handy for taking the blame when things go south. Basically he looks out for number one with some form of deniability, being always insulated from potential trouble.

When asked about his ridiculous claim that his was the biggest Electoral College win ever and was told that Obama’s win was significantly bigger, Trump immediately said that he meant the biggest Republican win ever, and then when it was pointed that that wasn’t true either, he then gave the flimsy excuse of saying, well, that was the information that was given to me. In other words it was not his fault or responsibility for putting out blatantly false info.

In his gigantic casino flops he had it set up that it was the banks that had lent him money that took it mostly on the chin. Setting up fall guys has always been the Donald’s M. O.

And now he has arranged it so that the military and the CIA have final say for pulling the trigger on drone strikes, not the president. Therefore if there is a big stink over massive civilian casualties, it’ not his fault. And now that he and the Republicans finally realize just how badly they are boxed in on the great Obamacare replacement scam, Trump is already using his propaganda machines of Fox News, Breitbart and The National Inquirer for greasing the skids in such a way that will cause the blame to fall squarely upon Speaker Paul Ryan’s shoulders when the whole thing crashes and burns.

Yes, indeed, if there is one great talent that President Donald Trump possesses it is his survivability at the expense of others. He is the buck passer-in-chief, the deniability president.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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