Our Mercurial Maniac Of A President

Salesmen types are notorious for making bad CEOs. They are much better at orchestrating the emotions of customers in order to sell products than they are at absorbing and digesting mountains of details required for effectively managing large organizations.

Unfortunately for America and the world the United States Government is currently in the hands of one of the most shallow-minded salesmen types that our country has ever produced — the Donald.

President Donald J. Trump is hands down the most childishly egocentric personality ever to rise to such a crucial leadership position in these Untied States — all style and no substance. It calls for an army of staff just to keep him on track, precisely the opposite of what his job as chief executive officer of the country necessities.

One of the great failings of a democracy is that it is quite possible that the leader chosen by the people is no better than the average quality of the people who elect him or her. Indeed, average folks don’t often identify with wise and deep thinking individuals. They tend to want to choose a leader that reflects their own character traits. It is sort of like if the typical NFL fans were allowed to vote for one of their own to direct the operations of their favorite pro football team.

That someone like Mr. Trump, however, should have be chosen by the people to be president of the United States should come as no surprise. A very significant swath of the American citizenry might be accurately categorized as egocentric know-nothings that grove almost exclusively on daytime soap operas, game shows and reality TV. For them exploratory PBS programing of science, the arts, history and of the mind and body are hopeless alien. They are devoid of curiosity beyond their immediate surroundings, their day-to-day needs of family, friends, work and church.

To these folks the phony facade of Trump World, like all of reality TV, is more guanine than life itself. And so after the American electorate having served the nation well by twice electing a man of high character, great wisdom and serious intellect, Barack Obama, it has now let the nation down big time. We are straightaway saddled with a mercurial maniac of a president, the lowest sort of commander-in-chief possible.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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