Pandemic: Surviving Our National Fool In The White House

A big part of leadership is being aware of what you don’t know and being willing to lean hard upon the wisdom and knowledge of experts who do know what you don’t know. This necessary ability, alas, with the greatest fool to ever occupy the White House in place, is currently nonexistent at the nation’s helm. President Donald John Trump — whom it is clear to mental health experts everywhere — is the prisoner of a serious psychosis, a mental disability that makes him, for one thing, terrified to be dependent upon those more knowledgeable on specific subjects than him.

It causes the Donald to spout nonsense abilities of himself that are transparently delusional: I can do it all; I know more than all the generals put together; It seems as though I was born to fight viruses, he tells CDC persons. His childish level of ego needs is embarrassing, maddening and frustrating for adults whom are compelled to interact with him, especially in public spaces.

As a compulsive liar and narcissist, it makes our president a catastrophe multiplier. He constantly walks over and get between folks and their ability to fix serious problems, this because his fractured ego requires (like a six year old at a public pool) that he constantly be the one who is the center of attention, no matter how badly his blowhard pronouncements aggravate problems.

In 2018, Trump, as he has hollowed out so many critical government agencies (“the deep state’) disbanded the White House taskforce of communicative disease experts that was designed to get a leadership jump on just the sort of Coronavirus situation that we now face. Of course with such a stable genius as himself around, I the guess the president figured that these types of professionals were a waste of public money, money that could be better spent on things like his moronic wall that was certain to impress his supporters and thus help with his reelection campaign.

Another problem with our national head-case, who can sometimes be found hanging out in the Oval Office — in addition to being a sloppy armature all his life who put most of his energy into elaborate façades of phony success — is that by nature he is severely limited to divisiveness, where, for example, his America first pronouncements really mean America alone. Thus at a time when America and the world desperately need to collaborate for mutual survival, Trump is devoid of contribution and therefore perfectly useless, while unfortunately occupying an office that demands positive leadership skills. And so this blundering mass of BS has become a gigantic work around for the rest of the nation and the world.

Trump’s ham-handed incompetence and go it alone stubbornness has already cost the nation lives and put us well behind where we should now be in the fight against the current pandemic. The only silver lining here is that if somehow our nation manages survive the twin threats of President Trump and the Coronavirus, we, as a people, can surely survive anything.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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