“… He was one of those rare men who from time to time emerge from obscurity [or not obscurity in some cases] to shake the world to its foundations.

“He erupted like a force of nature, a tornado or hurricane, destroying everything in his path, and even now, though the evidence of his destructive fury lies all around us, it seems unbelievable that a single man could cause such havoc… He was a law unto himself, and unlike other men. Very early in life he saw that he was alienated from other men, shared few of their enjoyments and ambitions, and could dispense with their company… reaching out to other men only when he needed to use them… It was as though he deliberately contrived to lock himself up in a self-made prison from which there was no escape except into dreams.

“ There was madness in him almost from the beginning. His mind was a distorted mirror in which he saw himself as a vast imperial figure overshadowing the world.

“… The totally alienated person suffers from a terrible irrationality. The more successful he becomes in the eyes of the world, the greater his rage and the more he despises his victims.

“… He had no loyalties, no religious faith, no culture … His strength lay in the fact that he was totally alienated; it was all one to him whether he conquered the world or …

“ The mass murderer who kills quietly and calmly, without batting an eye and without showing the slightest emotions, is a phenomenon of our own times, and is likely to be repeated. The instruments of mass destruction are at hand, waiting to be used. The dictator does not even have to press a trigger or push a button: it is enough that he should give a barely perceptible smile or any small signal agreed upon beforehand … we must learn to watch for these small signals…. He was totally corrupt … and once called himself, ‘the hardest man that ever lived,’ and lived up to his own description of himself.


In case by chance you have not guessed whom these selected phrases were meant to describe, they were take from the introduction to Robert Payne’s 1973 book portraying the infamous Mr. Hitler, The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler.

It is too bad that those silly Congressmen Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan, fanatical defenders of the president, are not students of twentieth century history. They have no inking to the extent of the danger that they are flirting with in their support of Donald J. Trump. Should Trump ever manage to reach the degree of power as Hitler attained, these clowns would be shocked to find that the Donald, as the sociopath that he is, would not hesitate to throw them and their entire families into the torture chamber for his own sadistic amusement. They better just hope they fail in their deluded mission of protecting this national monster.

If you wish to understand the mind and horrendous potential of President Trump — if not check — Mr. Payne’s book is it. While Trump grew up in wealth and Hitler lived much of his early life in semi poverty, beyond that fact Trump and Hitler are demonstrative soul mates of depravity.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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