President Obama’s Very Presence In The White House Mocks A Significant Portion Of White America To Trump’s Advantage

It is bad enough for some that a half-bred occupies the White House. But for a large portion of lower working class Whites, the very fact that President Obama also happens to be a highly education man of great poise, charm and intelligence — and an ideal family man radiating the highest character — adds insult to injury.

It underlines in the worst possible way a certain portion of White’s own shortcomings that fires up a self-loathing. (How can such an inferior be so far above them? It is wrong, just wrong.)

Once Obama was elected president, the Republican leadership wasted no time in fanning the flames of its base’s self-loathing that was tribally being deflected upon Obama. They determined that they would gridlock the government and most of the blame would accrue to the evil Black president. So it was formally decided that anything Obama was for they would automatically be against and be damned the cost to the nation. After all they had a fanatical base of Obama haters to fall back upon.

But as it now turns out there was a fatal flaw in their devious strategy. As a rich minority party needing all the voters it could acquire, for many decades the GOP had been dog-whistling White bigots. But what party leaders had not counted on was that someone might come along and throw away the dog whistle and appeal directly to the bigots. Thus taking over the trashy base for his very own purposes. In other words Donald J. Trump has trumped the GOP’s own despicable tactics to where it bites Republicans in the butt.

Trump is not going anywhere. Once he has crushed the party by a tremendous 2016 loss and blames it on the party leaders, he will bring into existence his own party composed of the old Republican base and the balance of independent bigots floating around the country.

Thus with the GOP reduced to a rump party and Hillary despised even more than ever after a single term, pushing much of the enlightened electorate into fragmented fringe parties, and with Trump, having the old self-loathing, fanatical, White Obama haters securely in his pocket, the Donald will command the winning majority in the next presidential cycle. Indeed, there is a method to Trump’s madness that has gone over the heads of the talking heads.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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