President Trump Is Hard At Work Trying To Turn America Into A Western Version Of Vladimir Putin’s Russia

Putin’s Russia is an industrial wasteland, one giant, toxic dump. For instance Vice News calls the northern city of Nizhni Tagil a place of “pollution, prisons and sickness.” Mining and industrial waste fouls the landscape and the air. In fact acid rain is so incredibly bad in northern Russia that it has devastated hundreds of squares miles of forests around dozens of arctic cities, turning once lush, green trees into million upon millions of brown, lifeless spikes. All of this corroded mess is producing a mountain of wealth for a cadre of billionaire oligarchs, with Putin’s himself as the top dog of this criminal enterprise.

In his nightmarish soul President Donald J. Trump longs to rule over such an empire in league with Putin and his chums. Though it is not yet clear how Putin and Trump have colluded to attempt to merge America and Russia into one colossal empire of wealth producing contamination, however, by his words and deeds — attacking freedom of the press, gutting the Paris climate change agenda (the Russians say they love climate change because it benefits their frozen north), surrounding himself with billionaire cronies and kissing up to everything Russian — we can easily postulate what are the Donald’s true objectives.

Though Trump has as yet managed to pass major legislature, by his endless stream of presidential decrees he is already managing to devastate such agencies critical to the health and wellbeing of Americans all as the EPA. In fact according to USA Today there are 62 agencies and programs on Trump’s hit list. Of course one might say, but look at all the money he is saving the American taxpayer. He is if you happen to be among the wealthiest top one percent, otherwise he’s chopping you off at the knees and generally lower your overall quality of life. Yes, you, average Trump supporter.

In other words my friends, if you are not among the Russian or new American oligarchies it is down in the salt mines for you, as one by one the Donald is relentlessly kicking the props out from under the American way of life. Yes, we have come to see that Trump always intends the opposite of what he says, so you know what Trump’s central slogan, make America great again, really means — great for him and his pals, terrible for you and the rest of the world.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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