Racism Is Only One Piece Of The “Other” Problem

In the bizarre way in which nature and humanity are structured, racism is simply one of many negative offsets of something that is otherwise quite good and productive — the tribal impulse.

Yes, the tribal impulse exists within the primitive ego part of the mind so that those of like kind will work together for the common good, the ego being the mental foundation of the survival instinct. It is the same impulse that causes sports fans to rally around the home team or some other team that one has decided to support.

But of course it has a negative offset, such as racism, which is ugly and destructive. Trouble comes about when folks see racism as an isolated evil unrelated to one’s fundament mindset. In fact racism is but one expression of the negative offset of the positive reason for the tribal impulse.

The “other” is always the “other,” be it race, religion, ethnicity, region or nationality. So what it is that overrides the negative “other” offset? It isn’t necessarily IQ smarts. There are many smart haters of the “other.” The better answer is enhanced intellect, the ability to see the big picture, the long view. Haters are folks who can’t see beyond their primitive ego survival mode. They are shortsightedly devoid of intellectual enhancement — paranoid of the “other.”

The 64 thousand dollar question is how do you get folks out of Trump mode — to stop focusing strictly on survival and always seeking personal advantage over the short run? I fear that because of the ultimate law of the universe — probability balance — you can’t. Good must always be offset by evil. So I surmise that there can never be a cure for racism or any other, “other.” Intellect is too much a limited resource of the mind — out of reach for at least half of humanity.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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