Republican Extremist Groups Like The Freedom Caucus Have Worked Hard To Keep Border Security A Festering Political Issue

Back during the Obama administration, the United States Senate passed comprehensive immigration legislation like that which Trump now says the lack there of is trying his hands. But the Republican controlled House would have nothing to do with solving boarder and immigration issues. And so the border cure died.

House members representing districts heavily gerrymandered to favor xenophobic voters were determined to keep the border a festering issue by which they could whip of their hateful supporters for reelection.

Now Trump is simultaneous playing all sides of the boarder and immigration issue. For his xenophobic supporters he is calming credit for a tough policy that is tearing families apart, because it is necessary to protect Americans from criminals and drugs. For moderate Republicans and independents, Trump is crying crocodile tears about how sad it is that these Democratic laws are causing babies to be taken from their mothers, when of course it has been Democrats leading the charge to fix the problem that Republicans have been cynically casting aside.

Trump and his atrocities are what happen when a party sells its soul to the Devil simply to maintain power. Indeed, when there aren’t enough votes among the nation’s better angels for their policies, Republicans started playing to those of a dark constitution to make up the difference. And so here we are, having joined the other disgusting nations of the world.

Many of these Trump folks aren’t outwardly vicious, though a significant number are, they are mainly egocentrics in that want what they want, and to heck with those not like themselves. They are, to be sure, made of the same cloth as those good people in Germany that stood silently by as bad things happened to others. Today its foreign babies crying at the border, tomorrow it may be their own grand babies shrieking somewhere in fear.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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