Russia’s Reaction To A President Trump — Defcon 1

Many Americans would be nervous as hell with a crazy Donald Trump having his finger on the nuclear trigger, especially those in the defense department and the security agencies. But how do you think a paranoid Vladimir Putin, egged on by some of his more aggressive military advisors to action, is going to feel under the gun of a, “Nukes are not off the table,” President Trump.

If ever there were an event that could panic the Russians into an all-out preemptive nuclear strike, it would be the election of Donald Trump. Talk about the possibility of massive miscalculation on all sides. With a Trump election expect the doomsday clock to immediately move up to one second before midnight and our nuclear weapons put on Defcon 1 super alert.

Do we really want to have the wacky “I can do no wrong” Donald playing nuclear chicken with the Russians? One can thank one’s lucky star that a serious, thoughtful JFK was in the White House during the Cuban missile crisis when the ever belligerent Curtis Lemay, head of the Strategic Air Command, was itching to let the nukes loose. Had an impulsive Trump like president had to make the decisions, many of you folks would not be around today because your grandparents would not have survived the nuclear exchange.

The only hope in case of a Trump victory in November is that the defense and security services assure their Russian counter parts with a secret agreement that they will not allow Trump to launch a nuclear attack without confirmation that a strike is under way by the Russians.

But, alas, even that is problematic. There have been numerous occasions of false indications that the United States was under such an attack. Fortunately wise heads held out to the last second, long enough to figure out that it was a technical misread. Would an attack first and ask question later Trump hesitate?

Not since the days of Barry Goldwater or the Cuban missile crisis has the world faced such a potential existential threat than with the possibility of a President Trump.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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