Someone Recently Posed The Either Cynical Or Ignorant Question How Is It That You Say Trump Is Destroying America and Helping Putin?

First off democracy is a very fragile and sophisticate concept of governance, and that’s the reason why it has required tens of thousands of years for a group of peoples to gain the courage to give it a serious shot. It was America’s so called founding fathers, students of the French enlightenment period and folks of extraordinary noble purpose who were willing to give at least limited democracy a shot.

The first level of human impulse is chaos and tribal conflict — me and mine against the world — hatred of the other. The second level of human impulse rests upon informed and rational intellect — we are all in this life together. It is this second level impulse, the impulse of harmony, compromise and cooperation upon which democracy depends. It is the very foundation of America’s most virtuous ideals and that upon which Donald J. Trump repeatedly spits, weakening the bonds that unit us as a nation of extraordinary character.

Indeed, Trump has generated a lifetime history of sewing hostility and disharmony in the routine pursuit of his egocentric, primitive ambitions. In this regard Trump is exactly in the mold of every other would be dictator, especially the one, Putin, whom he most wishes to resemble.

Ironically by wishing be become an American version of the ruthless Russian he is doing Putin’s work of trying to undermine the worlds democracies that oppose him, particularly American democracy. Every time Putin hears Trump lambast American’s mainstream press like The New York Times or the Washington Post, he sees it as another nail in the coffin of the strongest democracy the world has ever seen, and smiles approvingly.

There is a reason that the First Amendment is listed first. Without freedom of expression and a truly free press there is no democracy. A free press is the first thing would be dictators’ like Trump attack and hope to replace with their own propaganda machines.

Of course attacking a free press has a great deal of appeal to a good many folks who desire to wallow in there primitive, first level impulse of egocentricity. In fact the central reason Trump’s supporters are so passionate about him has little to do with issues. It is rather because like them he is quite happy to wallow in his, primitive — me and my kind first — egocentric impulse.

To heck with those politically correct do good chumps. We need to be strong for “our kind” is his one and only message. In other words he represents not American democracy but the crude dog eat dog world that has been around since time immemorial — humanity less its better angels. That’s what about America Trump is out to destroy — the core of our uniting democratic ideals and thus our real, hard won freedom.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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