Sometimes Trump Makes Me Feel Oh So Good

You know, a hard reality that most of us don’t like to admit to is that we are foremost egocentric creatures. Of course young children, especially those not well raised, aren’t very good at hiding the — me, me, me — factor, but that is how nature programed us as part of our advantage, defense, survival mechanism. Of course most of us are also blessed with an empathy impulse as well, but when we are between a rock and a hard place usually our egocentricity wins out. In other words we are generous and nice when we believe we can afford to be.

Now that is most of us. On the other hand there is the Donald. It would seem that Mr. Trump (president to some) has a huge chunk of humanity completely missing within him, and it surfaces as the me, me, me child. When it comes to true generosity and empathy the man is hopelessly clueless. Sure, you know he is selfish, ruthless and greedy in the most tacky and petty ways possible. But it took his presidential trip to the flooded devastation that is the Texas Gulf Cost to fully highlight Trump missing humanity.

By contrast, whenever President Obama, a man of the highest character and great compassion, went to flood ravage parts of the country he moved through the wind and rain to wrap his arms around fearful and hurting people to reassure them that he and the government were on their side — they would not be forgotten. It wasn’t just some phony photo op. It was obvious that as a human being he cared.

Conversely “President” Trump was nowhere to be seen out in the elements with hurting folks. Rather he was situated in a clean and dry soundstage yakking it up with the bigwigs about how such tragedies would make them famous and give them high ratings — no feeling, no caring, just reality TV optics, face time before the cameras to sell more “Trump” junk.

So if I happen to feel a little guilty about maybe not being as kind and generous as I could have been, I only need observe the shit pile that is Donald Trump and suddenly I feel like a wonderful saint by comparison. So, yes, even Trump can make me feel oh so good.

As you can see I’m back, up and running again.

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