Strength Is The Strength Of The Would Be Bully Dictator

Somewhere deep in the primitive psyche of all of us is a compelling attraction to the strongman leader. All ruthless men seeking ultimate power intuitively understand this, and like Trump they play to that strongman image at every opportunity, no matter how tinfoil hat silly it may seem at times.

Ask any Trump supporter what the heck is it about this obnoxious boob that you like. Almost invariably they will admit that he isn’t really all that likeable or smart, but darn it he doesn’t pussy foot around — he’s decisive. And therein lies the bane of humankind, which some refer to as a cult following phenomena.

In primitive societies of the past this strongman attraction within us probably served a more useful purpose than not. But in modern times of much more advanced societies, it has given us such horrors as Nazi Germany and a host of hardly lesser murderous regimes.

There is something of a positive offset to this dangerous, primitive impulse off wanting to blindly follow the strongman — an advanced intellect. Of course the bully leader cleverly counters this factor by playing upon his followers inferiority complex, claiming that those (intellects) who oppose me also look down their noses at you as well. It is a clever way of the bully further cementing — his supporters — allegiance to him.

Trump is a master at this simple and very effective technique. And so in effect the more that reasonable and rational folks oppose Trump, the stronger grows the bond of his followers to him. So of course the Donald goes out of his way to get those of advanced insight to attack him.

Moreover, violent, decisive personalities attract others of vicious decisive constitutions, giving the bully leader the added advantage of having the might makes right crowd on his side in case he finds it necessary to crack a few heads. In other words when push comes to shove, thinking protestors are no match for all out thugs.

But of course before the bully leader can assume that he is free to turn loose his goons, he needs to be certain that a society’s safeguard institutions have been sufficiently undermined. And so in the end it becomes a race between the good guys turning out the bully before the bully can do way with the institutions that protect the people at large.

Right now Trump and his GOP allies — lead McConnell, Barr and Russia are the nation’s existential threats. For you see Trump’s real aim at this point in his sickly life is to join the fraternity of the world’s strongmen like Putin. Once, having obtained such a degree of power as they, however, much of those that have been supporting him right along, like the man riding the tiger, will end up inside his jaws of destruction. That means you guys, Moscow Mitch, traitor Barr and most of the other corrupt Republicans. A bully doesn’t like to share the spoils.

So for the moment America teeters on the edge of an abyss. Which will prevail democracy or the Donald? They both can’t. That is what this next 12 months of impeachment and the election season will decide. Indeed, the 64 thousand dollar question is will enough citizens, or not, rise above their primitive strongman compulsion to save the nation from the Trump wrecking ball of fire and fury?

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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