Super Bowl Winning Coach Doug Pederson Is The Anti Trump

I don’t know what the politics of the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, Doug Peterson, amounts to, but I do know for certain that in character and personality he is as much an anti Trump human being as it is possible to be. In a sports league where the owners are virtually all White, as are the vast majority of the coaches, but the super talented players are seventy percent back, it doesn’t hurt for a White head coach to exude a marvelously inclusive personality.

Unlike the Donald, Doug will be the first to tell you he is no genius, but he is a genius of a human being, which automatically makes him a genius of a leader. Unlike Trump who makes everything for and about him, Pederson makes everything about the team. He doesn’t insist on taking credit for things about which he has no knowledge, or disparage others as a cheap way to try and build him self up.

For example, during a most critical point the greatest game of his and his reserve quarterback’s sports lives, when his on fire signal caller suggested that they run a wild gadget play evolving the tight-end throwing a pass to the quarterback, a sort of crazy play the team had never attempted in a real game, Doug did not choke up and throw cold water on the daring idea, or blow it off with a “better” play of his own notion. He looked his field leader in the eye for a split second and said, sure, why not. The play, the Philly special they called it, scored a touchdown in a barnburner of a Super Bowl game right before halftime, and immediately it passed into sports legend as one of the boldest plays ever called.

Where Trump loves friction and chaos and humiliating others, Pederson encourages intense but friendly competition among teammates. Pederson was never an all-star level player during his fourteen year pro careen — always a backup quarterback. Yet he was far more than a reserve player. With a natural mentoring personality Doug was instrumental in helping to develop, as a sort of player coach, some of the leagues most famous super stars. That’s why I thought that those who thought that Doug Pederson was a poor choice to be Eagles head coach were clueless.

Sure, Doug had only briefly been a head coach at the high school level, but its personality and experience that counts most, not official titles. Fortunately for us Eagles fans (I have been one since way back in 1948), team owner, Jeffery Lurie, saw in Doug’s easy going but determined nature awesome and darng leadership qualities.

The bottom line is that so much unlike our current president who wants to make his leadership style a one man show staring him, Doug functions as a sort of superglue leader who binds every once of talent of his players and coaches, as well as team scouts and front office personnel, together for the collective good of the organization. The result, in only two years of leading the Eagles, Doug Pederson brought that, oh, so desired Lombardy Trophy to the city of brotherly love. What that discordant force that currently occupies the White House will bring to our beloved nation is yet to be decided.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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