Every society harbors a significant set of peoples who want to blame society, government and to them alien laws, in conjunction with those institutions that deliver unpalatable, stark truths, as the reason for their sorry state of existence. The fact that they are lazy and poorly focused and make an endless series of poor decisions gets pushed out of mind.

In Trump, a con man that paints himself as wealthy and highly successful, but who also exhibits a whinny persecution complex to cover his string of bankruptcies and failures, is one whom these folks are eager to identify with as one of their own.

Indeed, from their warped perspective they see in the Donald a leader, who, like themselves has been abused by the established powers of society. Trump plays upon this notion, pressing hard to make it know that an attack on his transgressions is an attack on theirs as well, making it look like just another heavy dose of life’s unfairness that they, too, have had to withstand.

Because his lying and cheating and endless self serving is not unlike their own despicable life style, they are blinded to it. Their hyper sensitive egos, like Trump’s, insist that neither they nor the president can possibly be wrong. I think that you will inevitable find these always Trumpers living mostly in an alternate universe of Fox News and reality TV shows.

Such disjointed folks as MAGA Hat types have always been among us, but, first off, what has changed is that Fox News and reality TV are a fairly new phenomena. But most importantly over the last twenty years or so, with much help from Fox News and other right wing media, it’s the first time the vast majority of these folks, at least those among them who give a darn about politics, have been herded into a single party — the GOP.

Therefore the power of their voice has been has been considerably magnified, and of course they relish their new found feeling of empowerment that folks like Donald Trump, those whom indulge their sense of paranoia, give them.

Alas, as long as these conspiracy freaks provide political power to corrupt politicians and deliver easy money to pandering propagandists like Fox News, these folks with their perverted influence aren’t going away anytime soon, if ever. The idealism and rule of law that once made America truly great may cause our United States to simply fade into just another self serving nation.

So now the question before the America public is can the impeachment process, inserted within the US Constitution, prevent the total collapse — flawed as it may be — of our system of idealistic, liberal democracy?

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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