The Awesome Terror Of A Democracy

A significant portion of every society that lives within a true democracy experiences an existence of terror, shame, resentment, and at a minimum, suppressed anger. And why is that you may ask. Simply put, Democracies Offer Zero Cover For Failure.

All their lives People hear the virtues of democracy expounded. Yes, folks in this great democracy a man or women is free to become whatever they want to become. All that this required is a reasonable level of intelligence and some hard work and you can become as rich as you want or even president. There is nothing stopping you. It’s all up to you my friend.

And therein lies the terror — there is nothing stopping you. So what does trashy trailer park Tom tell himself when he sees the mega homes, fancy cars and luxurious yachts of the ultra rich? What does Joe six-pack tell himself when he sees all these pretty taking heads with their fancy degrees from Harvard and Stanford explaining the world to him? Why is he, too, not rich and special? Something’s not right here.

Something is definitely not right in the minds of lots of folks who see themselves as failures. Yet, if there is one thing that a human’s primitive, base ego can’t tolerate it is blame. Whatever the problem, it must be someone else’s fault. The elites, the government and all these dumb laws that have conspired to ruin my life they tell themselves. Yes, indeed, it must be due to a conspiracy of others.

Then along comes the strong man (the Donald) to relive them of their, oh, so painful blamed. Look folks you have been had. The elites have rigged the game for us. Those foreigners have stolen our jobs and are pouring across the border to kill our children. The government is corrupt and there is a deep state over which you and I have absolutely no control that is ruling our lives. Stick with me folks and I will make you whole again. I will blow up those who are holding us back, those who have rigged the game against us.

And thus because of shame and blame we can see that a democracy always has within it the seeds of its own destruction, a built in invitation for the dictatorial, strongman con to free a nation from it’s not so hidden terrors of democratic freedom for those of limited industry and ability. I mean, who wouldn’t unconditionally love a man who would wipe away their fear and shame of failure.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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