The Behemoth Of Unchecked Corporate Power Is The Enemy Of Democracy Not Necessarily Millionaires And Billionaires

Just because someone manages to earn a mountain of money doesn’t automatically put then in league with the super bad guys. Sure predatory corporate power is replete with millionaires and billionaires, but there are folks of wealth on the other side of the fence that work against corporate power for the good of all Americans.

It would seem that the far left in support of Warren and Sanders are determined to lump all rich people together as the enemy of the people. The enemies of the people are “rich” cons like Trump and corporations that pay virtually no taxes or literally no taxes, unchecked supremacies that buy up the government for greedy purposes and in the process pollute the earth and push other folks into poverty.

Some of the greatest champions of average Americans in the past were wealthy folks like Teddy Roosevelt, FDR and the Kennedy brothers. John and Robert.

Currently the greatest enemies of democracy and average Americans are those in league with America’s predatory capitalism and foreign oligarchs — Trump, Putin, McConnell, Graham and virtually the entire corrupt GOP. These folks put party and avarice far above country and the lives of normal Americans.

On the other side of this mass of evil is the self-made billionaire, Tom Steyer, who has spent a decade fighting corporate greed and corruption on behalf of average Americans, taking on the tobacco companies and others that profit off of the health and wellbeing of others. To conflate him with greedy corporate power is just plain nuts and plays right into the hands of America’s enemies foreign and domestic.

I doubt that Tom’s going to be president, but at least, folks, don’t conflate his good works with the evil deeds of the corporate insatiable ones.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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