We know that Donald Trump has spent a lifetime looking for scapegoats to blame for his endless failures. Well, not quite endless failures. He dose have an uncanny talent for self-promotion and projecting his faults upon others.

Sure, Trump has a chaotic, lazy — stupid — mind that leads him and others into disastrous outcomes. Thus there is common saying about the Donald: everything he touches dies — like what he has done to our country in resent months by failing to lead the government in a well orchestrated campaign against the coronavirus, as have other worlds leaders. Instead, he simply resorts to his old playbook of blaming others for his meandering, nonsensical ways.

But why dose nearly forty percent of the country still want to follow this flimflam con artist down his rabbit hole? The short answer is because in many ways they fear that they have the same failings as Trump, and Trump knows exactly how to give their egos cover.

If you’re a person that somehow feels inadequate, a person looking to have your ego pacified as to your shortcomings, looking for others to blame, then Trump is your guy, because you and he share a common out: its all the deep state’s fault.

Now I’m taking here about the deep state metaphorically to mean that one’s problems and failings are somehow the fault of others. For instance, the fact that I keep losing my job, says Joe Blow, isn’t because I’m lazy or stupid. It’s all those foreigners and government backed minorities that are the problem — yeah, that’s the problem, not me. I’m a hard working, red-blooded American.

When Trump talks about a “Deep State” (those pin headed “expert” bureaucrats in Washington) that’s out to get him and his supporters, it is code for; it’s not your fault, people. He is saying forget so-called facts and that mambo jumbo science stuff and those newspaper rags that spread crazy hoaxes about us. We’re the salt of the earth, people; I can tell you that, and don’t you dare forget it.

It’s the same sort of ego soothing; blame the other, nonsense that right wing media has been profiting off of for years. That’s why Trump and Fox News seem joined at the hip — lairs of a feather sticking together.

Trump supporters aren’t necessarily evil or stupid. Rather, it is just that deep down there’s a lot of guilt that these folks are trying to keep suppressed, at lest from their unforgiving egos ,and Trump is their lifeline in that department.

Trump’s awesome ability to fool himself, makes him believable to others wanting to be fooled about themselves. As that old saying goes: men pray not so much for their daily bread as they do their daily deception. So for these folks who are desperately searching for self-deception, Trump is an answer to their prayers — right, Evangelicals?

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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