The Democratic Leadership Has This Impeachment Thing All Backwards

Impeachment is a trial conducted by the US House of Representative in which technically the US Senate is the jury, but much more importantly the American people are the real jury of the proceeding as to the guilt or innocence of whomever is on trial.

It would seem, however, that the Democratic leadership, Chuck Schumer minority leader in the Senate and Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House, are dragging their feet because they say that they feel a majority of the American people are not yet convinced of a need for impeachment. That is so upside down and backward. The American people in mass are the jury. You don’t ask a jury to render a decision until there has been a trial. Indeed, a prosecutor doesn’t go to a trial jury and ask it if a trial is in order.

In other words, it is nuts to expect the American people to render a decision on an impeachment until there has been an impeachment, an impeachment in which all the evidence has been clearly laid out before the public. And so if the Democrats believe there is enough evidence to warrant an impeachment — and Mueller’s report in no uncertain terms screams that there is — then by all means go for it or shut the fxxk up.

I get it that mostly it’s the Republicans that are in bed with Wall Street and Trump, but by dragging your feet, Nancy, brings up the question of just how much the Democratic leadership itself is beholden to the nation’s fat cats — right, AOC?

Now that we have seen the feeble testimony of Robert Mueller. it only confirms that critical time to get impeachment proceedings underway is fast slipping away. The Congressional Democrats, and even Mueller himself, have laid out hard facts as to the President’s guilt and cooperation with an avowed US enemy. For Nancy Pelosie to hesitate one additional day in calling for impeachment proceedings to begin is to have history ruthlessly castigate her for putting America’s democracy at serious risk.

Now Pelosie tells us she is not going to move to impeachment until she has the strongest hand posible in terms of facts. This reminds me of a Union Civil War General, General George B. McClellan, one whom I have written about extensively and one whom drove President Lincoln crazy by refusing to move his army against the Rebels until every piece was perfectly polished.

Pelosei seems to think that she has all the time in the world to moved against Donald Trump. Fact is that while Nancy dithers the president is wrapping his his corrupt tentacles around the levers and institutions of government — the FBI, Justice Department, the Intelligence agencies and the military.

In a week or a few more months at most, when the Donald has gather ultimate power unto himself and he dismisses Congress, what good is this overkill of information going to do to save are democracy? The sands of times under Congress’s feet are being washed out at warp speed. Get real Nancy!

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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