The following is my third theory, Michael, that I believe your original theory has morphed into.

The Media Doesn’t Get It That Trump is All about Laying The Foundation For His Own Future Political Party

When Donald Trump says that the system is rigged, he is setting up his fanatical followers to believe that he and they were stabbed in the back by the Republican establish. And he will beat this drum after he loses, if he loses, until they, his loyal followers beg him to start their (his) own political party.

This is why he is relentlessly going out of his way to force the Republican establishment to make uncomplimentary corrective statements about his bizarre remarks. Trump could easily have concentrated his attacks on Hillary but instead makes stupid remarks about a gold star family and other silly stuff that he knows folks like Paul Ryan and company simply can’t let slide.

He knows he probably can’t win as a Republican, but if he loses because “the election was rigged,” in the eyes of his true believer backers, then that becomes the launch pad for “his” new party that can win the next time around.

Think about it. It has been estimated that an astounding 40% of the frustrated American electorate believes in Trump. If the Democrats and old line Republicans split 35% 25% respectively that means that Trump and his 40% disaffected bunch will carry the day in a future three way race.

All the political taking heads are bewildered by Trump’s antics, wondering why he is not pivoting toward the general, when in fact he is very much pivoting toward the general, just not as far as this political cycle is concerned.

Hitler grabbed control of Germany with less than a 40% following. Trump has been channeling the Nazi’s playbook so far. It would be no surprise to see him take it all the way. Of course he is much older than Hitler when the Fuehrer made his takeover bid. Perhaps Trump plans to have one of his family members continue in his place once all is set up.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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