The Fox News Party Of Special Interest And Endless Corruption

This article is inspired in large part by recent comments that I issued either to original offerings of others or to those who replied to my own articles.

Let me first make it absolutely clear that the Republican Party, the GOP, is dead and gone, and is most likely never to be revived. It took some thirty years, but in the end the tabloid empire of Rupert Murdoch, that Australian born king of sleaze, has finally fully subsumed The Grand Old Partyin part via metastasized cancer from the old Nixon administration.

Under the most capable direction of the late Roger Ailes and ably assessed by the likes of the historical spouting fraud, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and Nixon White House pollution like crazy Roger stone, the cluster-fuck that is Fox News along with its rightwing conservatives talk radio satellites was hatch. And as we know only too well, by the weirdest quark of fate the world’s greatest con man crook, Mr. Donald John Trump, became the cherry on top of Rupert’s toxic cake.

Yes, the Fox News syndicate does have some straight up reporters like Shepard Smith and the hard-hitting Chris Wallace. Unfortunately for this pair, because they can’t help knowing that their true purpose is to legitimize an otherwise perverted circus of disinformation, they have forever soiled their reputations as honorable newsmen.

I have no idea whether Murdoch and Fox started out with the idea of becoming a political party un-to themselves or not — probably not. I suppose they saw an untapped market of xenophobes, conspiracy nuts and the purely gullible ripe for big bucks exploitation. In other words, most likely the Fox News concept started out as nothing more than a crude business decision. But as their warped audience of losers and opportunists rapidly expanded, I suspect that it quickly dawned on the network’s leadership that an opening for real political power was afoot.

The obvious vessel for a political takeover was the forever special interest party that fronted for Wall Street, the GOP. With demographics rapidly shifting toward minorities that favored the Democrats, who themselves were not always blessed with pure motives, but at least they did believe in the main that the sole purpose of a democracy was to serve all the people not a powerful few, the GOP needed voters at any price. And thus came about a marriage between Wall Street shills (the Republican Party) and Fox News’ dark old White street mob. The rest as they say is history.

The “conservative” audience that was Fox News ended up as the new base of a super corrupted GOP. What was once the party of real conservatives the likes of the late William F. Buckley and those serious moderates conservatives that followed him and his ilk have been, or are being, squeezed out of the party,

Fox News has always operated on the reality that that democracy is a political anomaly. Humans are tribally hardwired, making democracy extremely pragmatic, especially in a large, multicultural society. Sports teams are a relatively benign example of the tribal impulse in action. Good teams form tight bonds and often develop a fanatical following. Both they and their fans exhibit an intense dislike for opposing teams. It is power politics turned into a game.

In order to function effectively democracies are compelled to foster cooperation with internal opponents — very difficult as you can see in America today. This is why democracies so easily decay into dictatorships or are spit apart by revolution. In its quest for easy money and raw political power, Fox and its allies have relentless undermined the notion of the ability of government to perform good works for the people. This has greased the skids for an authoritarian like Donald Trump to make his dictatorial bid for total power.

In reality, however, when it comes to the Donald, he is nothing more than a flashy loser easily controlled by the real powers on Wall Street and at Fox News, or at least from them he gets his marching orders, though his often dangerous riffs do drive them crazy at times. But as long as he fattens their bottom line they aren’t going to rein him in too hard.

The only question remaining is can the Democrats in conjunction with America’s better angel driven ideals and the nation’s professional institutions like the FBI and Military save America from the chaos, power grabbing Fox News Party and its idiotic front man President Donald J. Trump?

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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