The GOP Is A Poisonous Cancer Deep Within America

First let it be said that well regulated capitalism is a most beneficial system of economics for all the citizens of a liberal democracy. But then let it also be said that this is not what today’s GOP is championing.

Today’s GOP represents all that is wrong about America. It is a hate filled, divisive cancer eating the nations flesh, lead by such despicable charters as smarmy Senator Graham of South Carolina, Senator “Moscow” Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and President Donald “the Don” John Trump.

In effect todays GOP is a marriage of a predatory brand of capitalism serving a corrupt few and a xenophobic cut of American society who wallow in their worst primitive impulses. Many of this latter gaggle claim to be devout Christians who in their narrow political obsessions seem to have overlooked the central message of their professed God, the Lord Jesus Christ — love thy neighbor, which includes the “other,” as thy self.

Let’s face it; the best Republicans have moved on to become either Independents or Democrats of a type likely to be found hosting political news shows on MSNBC. Moreover, the White knight coming over the horizon to smite the GOP devil just might be another escaped Republican, Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

At present, the most lethal cancer cell gobbling up democracy at warp speed is President Trump. Those who truly understand and appreciate democracy are terrified by Trump’s tyrannical potential, a potential vigorously supported by the GOP in its entirety, hoping to kill off our unique form of Constitutional Democracy for personal gain.

As the chief host of Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough, said today, does anyone doubt that if Donald Trump thought he could get away with it, he would lock up the editors of the Washington Post, The New York Times and close down any media that failed to praise him? (That last bit I added.) And now Trump’s flunky Attorney General, William Barr, is directly interfering on Trump’s behalf to reduce the sentence of one of the Donald’s old pals, Roger Stone. Democracy under Trump, and vigorously supported by the entire, sinister GOP, is being quickly brought to its knees. Lets just hope it is not entirely vanquished before the next presidential election.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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