It has often been said that hate is the most powerful of unifying and motivating agents. And of course that is why even the best of politicians find themselves having to turn to negative ads at the end of a tight race.

But then there are those not so rare politicians, or would-be politicos, totally devoid of any positive substance, folks that have built a career walking over the backs of others. A few decades ago there was the Alabama segregationist governor, George Wallace. He stood in the doorway of the University of Alabama trying to block Black applicants from entering the university, a big show of defiance meant to juice up his segregationist backers.

And then there was only a few years back the Donald, when he came down the golden escalator of Trump tower, spouting hateful memes about Mexicans, after having built a foundation of racial hatred for many years by sowing doubts about President Obama being a real American.

This hateful fool from Queens, New York — with zero intellect, a man whose only talent was wasting other people’s money and puffing himself up as some sort of celebrity big deal — had otherwise mastered, not the art of the deal, but rather the art of inflaming grievance.

All his life as he spread human and physical wreckage in his wake, Trump has nevertheless been blessed with incredible good luck. No matter what the crime or con job, he has always profited from his dirty tricks while having others take the fall. He is, indeed, the real Teflon Don. And for those who adore the outlaw type, it is part of his charm.

Serious, quality minded folks keep waiting for Trump’s luck to run out, hopefully before he takes the country and maybe even the world beyond the point of redemption. Some, after years of hoping and praying, have given up on such notions, as he wiggles out of one tight spot after another like some kind of super cartoon character.

But Trump does have his limitations. He is a one trick pony. Stirring up resentment and hatred are all he has, even as effective as they can often be in politics. There is no plan B. He has no positive attributes to offer — no kindness or empathy or bringing the country together. Such positives if applied would only water down the hatred and tough guy image that are his most effective weapons, and he knows it. And so he doesn’t bother making serious moves in any sort of positive direction.

So here is the thing folks, as Joe Biden might say, the worm may finally have turned against Trump’s brand of racial hatred. The flags and monuments meant to glorify social injustice are coming down hard all over the place. It is looking like Trump is inadvertently bringing down the curtain on that old, pure White America and bringing into being, in spite of his moronic ways, a new, modern, multicultural nation far more in tune with our Constitutional ideals of equal justice for ALL, that which was the case only a few short months ago, which hopefully will push Mitch and the rest of his GOP ilk into the dustbin of history.

Has the Donald at last come to the end of his greasy rope. Maybe not, but I’m beginning to believe so. — right George?

Oh, and I would be remiss not to mention the fact that by his words and deeds it sure appears Trump is a paid agent of Putin’s Russian thuggery — a national sellout.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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