The Human Psyche Is Out Of Sync With The Universal Law That Created It.

On many levels the human mindset is out of sync with reality and the universal law of probability balance. No matter how bad things may look at the moment there is always a part of average humans that will inevitably try to conjure up some sort of positive alternate reality whereby one will eventually survive and flourish. This is not how the word at large works outside of one’s own egocentric realm, but it is the way one has been hardwired to react to adversity.

We love, though some mucho types won’t admit it, those feel good stories in which all — after a series trials and tribulations — ends well. It is just the sort of reassuring tale that our primitive egos crave. Even some of the wealthiest men in the world are not immune to creating pleasant alternate realities.

When the billionaire tech master and avid reader, Bill Gates, was asked in a recent Time Magazine interview to reveal is his favorite book,” he replied, Better Angles by Steven Pinker. “It changed the way I think about the world. He [the author] argues that violence in human society is decreasing at a rapid rate.”

And why wouldn’t that message generate enormous appeal, even with a billionaire, at least with a caring billionaire, who basically lives now to help others with his accumulate wealth. But is it true? Social scientists say that it is indeed true. Since the Middle Ages the violent death rate per hundred thousand persons has continued to drastically decline despite the million that were killed during World Wars One and Two and all the smaller wars and terror killings and murders of recent decades. But will that trend continue, as we would desire it? No!

This downward trend can be compared to water rushing out to sea in front of an on rushing tsunami. It is pure deception. According to the first law of the universe, probability balance, creation is always offset by destruction. And the greater and longer going the creation the more spectacular the destructive offset. This means that the next great offset of human creation that has been over the top during the last few centuries most likely will end up being the last and most horrific offset of humankind. This shall come about via the ever-building potential for a nuclear holocaust that will not only obliterate all of humankind’s technical creations but all of humanity itself.

Like Bill Gates looking for an ever-brighter future, each of us will continue to search for an alternate reality that suits our primitive ego’s preferred desire, but the law of the universe is destined to have its way in the end, an inevitability that is totally out of sync with our basic psyche.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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