The Idea That Our Government Institutions Are Broken Is Nuts

Back when President Ronald Regan was skimming the edges of Alzheimer, he, in order to curry favor with his corporate backers on Wall Street, an ilk that hates an effective government capable of keeping a check on the nation’s fat cats, infamously said that government isn’t the solution it is the problem. This babble sparked a cottage industry of flimflam politicians, mostly Republicans, bad mouthing government as a cheap technique for getting their own butt elected to high political positions, whereby they would continued the same mantra as a way for getting reelected.

And of course these folks did all in their power on behalf of their rich benefactors to see to it that government was, indeed, gridlocked, so that they could say, see we told you so, government is bad, allowing the fat cats to continued to rip off average citizens.

For thirty years those who have no use for good, effective government have been hammering to the public at large the notion that American institutions are broken, and now we even have the team of Trump and Putin working hand in glove to actually try and break down American democratic institutions, along with right wing opportunists like Fox News and its satellite troublemakers such as Anne Coulter and Rush Limbaugh.

Currently it seems like everyone and their uncle, including my hero Steve Schmidt, have become convinced that America’s institutions are wrecked. Well I say they are not. I mean, why else would Robert Mueller, the FBI, the CIA and thousands of local governments still be up and running quite well.?

With, however, most of the nation’s citizenry having been brainwashed into thinking America’s institutions are broken they might as well be, at least that is until a bunch of patriots stand tall and say otherwise. The danger here is that when folks are made to lose faith in their government; that is when potential despots like Trump manage to worm their way into positions of power.

Finally I see a backlash against this erroneous belief that government must inevitably be weak an ineffective. Indeed I see a new generation of can-do Democrats pouring into Congress, a young female army of optimistic pols that seem bent on inspiring a rebirth of faith in the American way.

Perhaps we will be lucky in that Trump and his Russian loving cronies signify nothing more than a quickly passing low water mark for what is right and good about America and her better angel institutions, and we can say goodbye to traitorous Trump and his foreign goons. Yes, perhaps there is a deep state, a strong, kind and wonderful state that the cynics can’t kill.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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