The Major Drivers Of Terrorism Are Overpopulation And Nukes

Well, sure, on the surface the driver of terrorism today is mainly Islamic extremism — religion gone totally bad. But if you drill down a little deeper you can discover that such extremism rests on a foundation of overpopulation and nukes. Nukes you say? How’s that?

Since the end of World War Two, which was ended by a few of what today might be considered tiny atomic devices compared to the power of current such weapons, all-out major wars between superpowers that kill millions have been avoided for fear of worldwide nuclear annihilation. Thus a significant means for culling the world’s violent riffraff has been severely truncated just as global populations are bursting at the seams, spilling out here there and everywhere and intensifying social frication.

With the world saturated with billions of humans there is just enough relatively low-grade fighting taking place and petty crime underway as to fill enormous refugee camps and overflow national prisons, just the sort of conditions and places that mega breeds terrorists.

This flotsam of lost soul terrorists see their redemption thought violent extremist causes on two levels. First by burying their lives in an extreme service to “God,” they see it as a way to redeem their lives, while at once by killing many others on their suicide mission they get to unleash upon the world their pent up rage for what they believe, rightly or wrongly, the world has done to them. For such folks terrorism is the perfect solution to cure their forever-spoiled existence.

So what are society’s options to combat terrorism? The short answer is not much. The world is awash with soft targets. We can’t put nukes back in their box in order to engage in major wars that normally burn off large segments of violent folks.

We can continue to dirrectly attack terrorist organizations like ISIS in the field by military means and try to defend homelands by law enforcement resources. But the bottom line is that until we can get population growth under control and come up with a more equitable distribution of wealth system (good luck with that one), terrorism is going to continue to grow until all societies are made to collapse.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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