The New Confederacy is Being Lead By a Yankee

Southerners are fond of saying that the South never actually surrendered, which is true, even though its armies did. And once the formal, bloody battles ended, White Southerners wastes little time in reinstating their evil suppression of Blacks.

Now a new general of insurrection from Yankee land, Donald J. Trump, is firing up the perverted soul of the South, along with other likeminded folks across the country.

It is not that Trump’s job has really been all that difficult. Contrary to what Speaker Ryan has been saying about the good reputation of the party of Lincoln. The party of Lincoln has not extoled the better values of Lincoln for well over 30 years. Indeed, the GOP has been playing around the edges of what Trump is pushing full bore — White supremacy. Only instead of using the old GOP dog whistle “the Donald” is employing a monstrous foghorn, just so the slower bigots don’t miss the true message. And of course the despicable ones are eating it up big time and dancing in the streets.

America has always been a nation of extremists, representing the worst and best of humanity. The founding fathers possessed a strong intellectual bent partial to the French enlightenment, declaring, “All men are created equal.” Yet it required a violent civil war to allow the United States to become the last major nation to give up slavery, with de facto slavery persisting in the South well into the twentieth century.

Now General Trump is having a field day stirring up man’s meanest angels in a new civil war, mainly within the Republican Party but likely causing collateral damage among Democrats and Independents as well.

Commander Trump is rippling off the scab of the ugly old Confederacy for new generations to experience. These are not the best of times, but hopefully they won’t be the worst of times.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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