The One Fault Among Many That Makes President Trump Is A Complete Zero As A Leader

The first characteristic that all leaders good, bad or indifferent must demonstrate is the ability to project strength. This is the one area at which Trump works hard. On a superficial level over the years the Donald has managed to convey to the easily impressed a facade of strength. Yes, he has that pouty Mussolini look and strut down pat.

But great leaders for constructive good must possess much more than merely a thin façade of strength. They must be capable of projecting morale clarity of purpose — definitely not a Trump strong point. But perhaps the most important quality of a president, an attribute much less appreciate by the masses, is that as an American president, being both a political and military leader of the United States, he must possess a broad storehouse of knowledge upon which to make life and death decisions of the most consequential nature.

A president need not be an expert in any one field. He has more than enough great minds to draw upon for the details. But without having gathered over the years a pronounced storehouse of information about everything from military and political history to the human condition, economics and the arts, how is a president to make wise decisions. Often he is called upon to come to tough conclusions based on a conflicting flood of information feed to him by an infinite number of sources, some experts in particular technical fields and some that advise from a purely political perspective?

Donald Trump may or may not possess a high IQ. It has been reported that when in grad school he never attended classes, but simply scooped up everyone else’s notes the night before a test, crammed all night and passed with a C minus. To be able to pull this off does show a certain kind of native intelligence, and perhaps getting his education on the fly like this convinced him that he really was some kind of genius. But cramming just to pass a test without the slightest interest in the subject matter really isn’t learning anything. And that brings us to Trump’s greatest fault. You can tell by his tweets and his answers to reporter’s questions that he simply knows nothing about anything — nothing.

Like I said Trump might possess a high IQ, but a high IQ is merely the ability to quickly process information, but if there is nothing of consequence on the hard drive to process what good is it. There is always the remote possibility that Trump wants to sound stupid because he thinks his base is stupid, a trick meant to help them identify more closely with him. But when a person shows zip interest in learning, a general incuriosity and probably hasn’t read a nonfiction book since leaving college, with Trump it really is ignorance, if not perfect stupidity.

Now even that other egomaniac, Hitler, had a reasonable interest in history, particularly military history as it related to Frederick the Great of Prussia. Then too he loved the arts, especially opera and painting. Of course his painting ability was rejected by the art world, perhaps a big factor causing him to take out his revenge on the world.

Hitler was, however, like Trump in that his main focus was to win by sheer willpower. Never back down or admit defeat. Nazi propaganda movies were made glorifying Hitler’s iron will. Trump has mastered this technique of wrong-headedness and the lies required to support it. In fact Trump is a one trick pony in that his con man obstinacy is all that he has going for him — period.

In the area of Trump’s greatest weakness, the lack a broad and deep knowledge base, Hillary Clinton was the complete opposite. She was a mountain of information and practical experience. In fact in this area no one had ever been more prepared for the job of becoming president, but fate was decidedly against her. In addition to the well-publicized forces and events that worked to her detriment, to those of lesser ability and perhaps with a bit of an inferiority complex, she came off as arrogant. Indeed she reeked of the perception of arrogance, for which she had no defense. And so for some it was a contest of hate in which their hate for Trump was only slightly less than their hatred of Clinton.

So now, by a bizarre quark of fate, we are stuck with a most dangerous decider in chief who acts and sounds like a bottom of the class kid that somebody decided to name class Val Victorian as a bad joke. (Might be a good plot for one of those terrible teen movies.) Yes, we are holding on to the cleft of life by our finger tips hoping that Trump won’t step on them before we are rescued sometime in the next several years — what a cluster fuck situation, indeed, folks. Thanks GOP.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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