The O’Reilly Factor: Corporate America Beginning To Realize That Its Short-term Greed Is Bad For Everyone

Corporate America is beginning to wake up to the reality that its best long-term interest rests with investing in greater America not just maximizing its own short-term bottom line.

Indeed, when corporations suddenly ganged up on Bill O’Reilly by dropping sponsorship of his highly successful political news “show” there was more behind their actions than merely the fear of losing customers because Billy Boy was a sexist pig. Sure not all of corporate American has as yet decided to play the long game, but a significant portion is more and more headed that way, meaning it believes that when the nation as a whole does well it, too, will do more consistently well.

With the American manufacturing boom years following World War Two, corporate American became increasingly greedy. It wanted it all and the heck with America and its American work force. By around nineteen eighty things for the average American citzen began going south. Corporate America commenced outsourcing millions of good paying jobs and everything else it could do to reduce or eliminate its workforce overhead, causing the American middle-class to begin melting away.

Yes, the downward trend for middle class America started with this corporate outsourcing and the massive tax breaks that it backed for the super wealthy. It was a case of killing the goose that laid the golden eggs — short-term greed. It backed policies that undercut investing in science, education, the nation’s infrastructure and worker heath and safety rules (precisely what President Trump is currently about) so that more money would flow into the already bulging pockets of the super wealthy.

This of course created angst among the masses that the unscrupulous sought to exploit. And thus was born in the mid nineteen nineties the poisonous rightwing media world lead by Roger Ailes and his Fox News powerhouse, featuring such media stars as Sean Hannity and the great Bill O’Reilly, along with conservative talk radio superstars headed by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones. In short order corporate America, right-wing media and the GOP merged to become one giant, hate mongering, moneymaking machine and political powerhouse, spawning the great national divide.

In fact things had become so toxic that you had folks coming into government whose entire world view was shaped by rightwing garbage. But as, today, corporate America witnesses the social fabric of America being badly frayed by its actions, long-term self-interests are amidst a change of heart. The powers to be are finding that turning most of America into a third world country for their own short-term gain isn’t looking all that great. I mean is the Russian/Trump model really in the best interest of either America or America’s business community?

So when you see state, federal and business officials doing things that seem to want to undercut modern American democracy and culture like the anti LGBT bathroom laws in North Carolina or Bill O’Reilly’s practice of sexual harassment, corporate America is now starting to apply its massive economic pressure against such xenophobia.

There are signs popping up here and there and everywhere to the fact that corporate America has at long last begun to discover the error of its shortsightedness, and the media demise of Bill O’Reilly just might be the most visible part of corporate America’s positive about face. A revitalized American middle class would increase consumer demand and that’s good for all of America, not the least corporate America.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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