The Reptilian Minds Of Capitalism, The GOP And Donald Trump Working Together In Ruthless Harmony

One-thing each of these entities surely have in common is a mindset of right now. What’s best for us right now? It’s the reptilian creature’s instinct to live in the moment. There are no tomorrows. Get what you can now. It’s the impulse of the pure ego devoid of the intellect’s perspective of what then?

Focus only on the next bite of the apple, the next quarter, the next conquest. She’s there for the taking. Widows and orphans are to be damned. Your money is our money. We feast only for our own survival. If there’s anything left over for others, shame on us.

Conscience lives in the intellect — what’s fair, what’s right and what’s good for tomorrow is for thoughtful losers — like those academic pinheads. Grab and tear first and dodge questions later. Lying and cheating only have significance if we can’t get away with it. We’ve lost our edge, our bite, if we can’t move beyond penalty for our words and deeds.

Rules are quoted to keep others at bay. What Constitution — a joke of a piece of paper? What SEC — just a bunch of bums looking for a payoff? The word illegal has no meaning for the bold predator. Democracy’s just a term to give wage slaves a sense of hope, not something us top predators give a darn about.

Truth. We do not long for the truth. We do not search for the truth. We create the truth. Truth is merely what our wants and needs desire it to be. Our enemies are blind to our truth. We keep it that way. Chaos of facts is our friend. We lock arms to get our way.

While others struggle, being chained to propriety, we winners are unencumbered by such nonsense. The world bows before us independent souls that act on our need of the moment and the demands that we issue. We are successful and right because we state it as so. There is nothing more. Of course the eventual price for our boundless brand of success is insanity. But what the heck, isn’t the world a crazy place anyway?

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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