The Reptilian Mindset Of Raw Power Vs. The Ideals Of Truth And Justice

The primitive reptilian mindset always makes a beeline for raw power by any means possible when opportunity presents itself, while on the other hand intellectual idealists strive and protest for truth and justice. It’s never a even or fair contest. Sooner or later the idealist gets nailed to a cross.

The reptilians have thuggish brute force, limitless lies, fanciful conspiracy theories, hate (that most powerful of unifying forces) and nature’s all-powerful tribal offset in their favor.

Throughout history democracy has been a fleeting anomaly, because it is out of step with the natural rhythm of the universe. The natural rhythm is creation offset by destruction. There is no such thing as truth and justice in the creation and destruction of stars and planets.

Truth and justice is a construct of poetic human minds, a kind of intellectual fanciful striving for heaven on earth free of religious dogma. While idealists are dreaming of peace and good will, behind the scenes reptilian brains seek out the levers of power.

In a semi democracy that is United States of America this means that the barbarians are packing the courts with their own ilk, gerrymandering congressional districts and encouraging the more violent ones among them to threaten and physically attack the democratic opposition.

Meanwhile, this entire struggle for power vs. truth and justice is played out above the heads of the often indifferent and clueless masses whose focus strays little from its local interests of family, friends, work and its endless forms of entertaining distractions from life’s frightening pitfalls.

For most folks the complexities of maintaining a fragile democracy, with its need for cooperation in a ruthless world, is above their pay grade. By the time they figure out that maybe they should have cared more about upholding a democratic government, it’s gone — the many then quickly coming under sway of a corrupt few.

Indeed, taking over a democracy is really pretty simple stuff — kill off the electorate’s confidence in its system of rule. Gain control of the levers of power (voting mainly), pretend to back some religious institution in order to give the people a fantasy of hope to hold on to, create a network of media propagandists, but most of all offer up to the people something or someone to hate as a distraction from those who are really the ones screwing them over. This latter element is where nature’s tribal impulse comes in handy — the despised “other.” As Hitler once confided to a Nazi colleague, had the Jews never existed I would have had to invent them. Their persecution is critical to our movement.

Yes, every movement should have its savior, but far more important is the need for a perfect devil — scapegoat — to blame for all that has and will go wrong. People do not reward good works they are far more inclined to punish what they feel is bad or what they are lead to believe is bad. . Hate is the mother’s milk of politics and why negative advertising is seen as the decisive weapon. Sure folks say they detest the use of negative ads, but truth is that these type ads work.

One huge truth is that democracies never last over time because they are out of sync with the egocentricity of nature’s organisms and never more so than with humankind. The intellect, however, within some of us pushes us to attempt governing systems of equality away. And yet, how absurd was it for America’s founding fathers, the leading intellects of a tenuous new nation, to attempt the creation of a democracy in the middle of a slave state?

The attempted democracy was a noble gesture, and somehow it led to America’s independence from England, but then crashed and burned in a monstrously deadly civil war that never fully ended, although along with its racial evils, America has done marvelous things for humanity out of its self-interest.

For decades we have been telling lies about our nation’s principled purpose while at once exporting a sham modeled democracy. Now, along with the decay of our own tentative experiment in democracy, other nations are seeing the reality of our pretended ideals. Thus currently both they and us are falling back into a reptilian state of raw, undisguised power — nature’s Darwinian game of thrones, might is right. And of course it has become abundantly clear that the GOP, linked arm in arm with Putin’s boys and other authoritarian states, is leading the charge back into a raw power system of governance.

Welcome dear tender hearts to the new gulag, as you ask yourself what sort of truth and justice can be in play when the reptilian power of alternative facts holds all the cards?

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!