The Right Americans Are Merging With The Right Russians

And when I say right Americans of course I mean the wrong Americans — Donald Trump, “Moscow” Mitch McConnell, the Republican ankle bitterers on the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, the NRA, and now virtually the entire GOP is in lock step with much of corporate America to cash in on the billions and billions of dollars worth of oil money sloshing around the globe.

In most of the oil and gas exporting countries, the people of those countries are becoming poorer and poorer as corrupt politicians suck up the worlds black gold by the trillions of barrels a year to become richer and richer, and America is quickly following suit. It’s not hard to read between the lines of Rachel Maddow’s latest awesome book, Blowout, to see this rapidly emerging pattern.

Just as Vladimir Putin has raped his country’s hydrocarbon resources and it people’s living standard for untold personal wealth, right wing American politicians and their loathsome media cheerleaders, for quite some time now, have been eager to join Russian oligarchs in their corrupt pursuit of personal wealth at the expense of average Americans and our nation’s infrastructure.

With all this money spouting forth form the world’s black gold, such things as American ideals and it special rule of law are being quickly trampled over and pushed aside by the lust for easy wealth — global warming be dammed. The earth is dying anyway so let’s get all we can now, says Wall Street’s energy barons and its supporting Republican political hacks.

This merging of Russian oligarchs and would be American oligarchs took a giant step forward when American’s oil giant, ExxonMobil, joined forces with Russia’s largest oil company, Rorneft, the loose merging being fathered by ExxonMobil’s Rex Tillerson and Russia’s Vladimir Putin. According to Meddow’s book, “Tillerson had been in talks with one of Putin’s key consiglieri, Igor Sechin, who had been not only Putin’s handpicked head of the government’s energy policy but also Putin’s handpicked chairman of the board of Rosneft” Continuing on a few paragraphs, Meddow writes: “’Putin demonstrated he is firmly in charge and ready to remain Russia’s paramount leader by securing the deal with Exxon, ‘ read a next-day analysis by Reuters.”

The driving force behind this Putin/Tillerson oil deal was that Russia’s antiquated Soviet era oil technology was in desperate straights. Putin’s wealth and Russia’s relevance on the world stage was totally dependent on oil exports. The humongous sized Russian nation stored multiple trillions of barrels of oil in the ground but possessed very limited means for getting it out. ExxonMobil on the other hand was the best in the world at this vital phase of the oil business, and Exxon was eager to gain access to the giant pot of Russian black gold. They were like an extremely horny honeymoon couple of sex obstainer till marriage on their wedding night. Both Tellerson and Putin were falling all over themselves to get it on.

This Russian American joining of hands got into high gear in the 2011–2012 period long before Trump decided to enter the political area. So when the Donald butted into Republican politics, sort of out of the blue, the GOP chieftains found him annoying in the extreme. But when it became clear that Trump commanded the know thing/xenophobic base that the GOP has been crafting for the last thirty years and accelerated in adding the same kind of material during the Obama years, and, that Trump and Putin had somehow become bound at the hip, Republicans chucked aside their past ideological BS and began worshipping at the golden idol of the moronic (according to Tillerson) Trump.

The bottom line is that American norms and ideals are being sold out to Russian style corruption on behalf of America’s would be super oligarchs. Oil is still king!

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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