The Three Divisions Of The Mind: Revenge Of The Trump Egocentric I

The egocentric I, the intellect and what is commonly referred to as intelligence quotient (IQ), equate the three divisions of the mind. The net result of these three components of mindset is what one might consider are meant by the terms character and personality.

The base foundation of the mind, its most primitive part, is the egocentric I. Its primary function is the defense and propagation of its host organism. As such it seeks advantage at every opportunity. It is totally biased. It sees itself as normal and all that are unlike it as abnormal. It is tribal in nature, meaning its priorities work outward from the self — my family, my tribe, my race, my ethnicity, my religion and my territory and possessions — against the rest of the world. It is the home of unedited emotions. It, indeed, is the selfish child within us all.

The polar opposite of the egocentric I, the most sophisticate division of the mind, is intellect. It is mainly a curiosity that is wholly above and beyond self-interest and bias. It wishes to know how things genuinely are, not how one hopes or wants them to be. It is broad and liberal in scope rather than narrow and conservative as is the egocentric I. It is that rare impulse that moves humanity forward in social outlook and technological advancement.. Without it nothing changes. The intellect is the home of overarching wisdom.

The final division of the mind is a neutral capability — intelligence quotient (IQ). Think of IQ as being comparable to a computer’s central processing unit the (CPU), that which in humans dictates the speed and efficiency at which the mind recalls and process information. It makes no value judgments on its own. It is simply a practical tool to be used by either the egocentric I, or the intellect.

Of course the success of the egocentric I, and the ultimate potential of the intellect, are highly dependent on one’s basic IQ. Yet, IQ can sometime produce tricky outcomes. It is quite possible that one with a rather high IQ can produce disastrous results. That is to say one may be capable of quickly identifying and processing facts, however, lacking depth of intellect one can’t effectively connect the dots. And conversely there can be one of unimpressive IQ but because of a natural high intellect, one may over time prove to be highly effective. And though IQ cannot be learned, as with muscle building exercises, it can be strengthened within limits.

Then there are the ways in which personalities and belief systems are contrarily shaped by the varied intensities of the three divisions of mind.

Those much devoid of intellect are conservative of awareness and are thus much uncomfortable with change. They also tend to be forever seeking advantage even though they may put on an elaborate disguise of such intent. Salesman, politicians and TV type evangelists are often high among this realm. In fact the vast majority of average folks would fit into this conservative category, making them highly susceptible to those who would pander to emotion for advantage.

And because the vast majority of humanity is conservative by nature, non-intellectual conservatism is why human progress has been so slow to unwind, as conservatism reflexively wants to side with vested interests. But no more!

Science and rational thought have at long last reached critical mass whereby they are crushing superstition, the glue of conservatism, and causing progress to presently move forward at warp speed, ripping societies apart at the seams and unleashing political polarization. If there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, our current rate of social and technological advancement may be it.

The human mind has only so much flexibility, some minds far less than others. Folks jumping on the crazy Donald Trump for president bandwagon may be one very good indication of the conservative mind freaking out, a revolt against science, rational thought and over the top social and technical advancement. Perhaps it is an outcry against just plain old intellectualism itself — a sort of revenge of the Trump egocentric I that simple minds are desperate to latch on to.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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