The Transition From Creation To Destruction — From President Obama To President Trump

After eight years of pulling the country and the world out of the latest economic ditch into which the Republicans had chucked the nation and the planet, the forces of destruction are once again on the rise as Donald J. Trump prepares to assume the office of president.

This return to the dark side is fully in keeping with the ultimate law of the universe that I keep harping upon — probability balance. It’s an unwritten law, yet no less real and powerful than Newton’s laws of motion. Indeed, at least at some conscious or unconscious level, all humans understand that creation is always at some point in time offset by destruction, that peace will always be offset by war and that love must inevitable be offset by hate.

And so it is that the despicable Donald Trump replaces a man of the highest charter, Barack Obama, because such negative offsets have forever been written in the stars. And of course it is no surprise that the Donald’s ascent to supremacy comes at the head of a degenerate Republican Party, a party that hesitates at nothing to gain political power for the benefit of a few, a party that waves the flag and spews forth patriotic slogans as it throws the nation under the bus, employing racial hatred and championing primitive White minds to vote against their own best interest.

The GOP has degenerated into two polar opposite sectors, the super rich and their imitators who gladly sacrifice the long-term good for instant gratification and gain. And, yes, those, too, who see their lives as being spoiled beyond redemption, folks who want to see the system blown-up and all the rest of humanity brought down to their level of despair. Together these disparate groups who see Trump as their guy represent roughly 40 % of the electorate — the destroyer side of the probability balance equation.

Under the destructive leadership of a President Trump the effort to fight global warming will be crippled, maybe even fatally so, gun violence will run wild, laws protecting capitalism from its devastating excesses will be scrapped, millions will lose their chance at healthcare and the environment will be retuned to health harming filth.

The only thing unique or special about this latest human turn to the dark side is that because of the world’s vast stockpiles of nuclear weapons it may end up being the last negative offset to affect humanity.

Therefore the best that we can hope for is that Trump and his ilk do not become a permanent dictatorship and that he does not lead the world into a nuclear holocaust — once again, it being the final offset possible for humanity — happy New Year everyone.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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