The Trick Is To Keep Trump From Undercutting America And destroying The World

In the long run Trump is no problem because as a destructive personality his chief victim in his sights is himself. Indeed, while self-loathers like Trump seem to want to attack everyone in sight, the one they really want to do in is their own person.

From his business ventures to his political escapades, never has a day gone by in which he hasn’t made an obvious move to trip himself up. He is constantly bragging about himself and lying about issues and others in such an irrational way that it virtually screams to reasonably objective minds — look man I’m as guilty and phony as hell. I need to be put away.

But of course the critical point is can he be put away before he causes irreparable damage to America or humankind in total? While I’m no psychiatrist the guy clearly has world-class daddy issues that have left him a mean, vengeful person racked with hatred for everyone, but especially for himself. This puts him in the company of those extremely dangerous folks that are not only hell-bent on self-destruction but also wish to take down as many others as possible.

The root cause of his malady is no mystery and is fairly common. Only the degree of intensity is unique. It is well recognized that his older brother was the family superstar — his father’s favorite. This caused the disgruntled Donald to constantly act up with negative outbursts that lead his father to ship him off to military school — a sort of bitter excommunication.

But then his sainted brother passed away and his father was compelled to turn to the bad seed to carry on the family business, whereupon things really became complicate for the Trump Psyche. Half of him wanted to way outdo both his father and brother the other half of him buried in guilt simply wanted out of everything. Thus here we are, now stuck, in the grip of a suicidal maniac, hoping desperately that we don’t get sucked into his inevitable meltdown and final demise.

And so for the good of all humanity I would urgently suggest to Putin to have second thoughts about the monster he helped turn loose on the world. That is to say, whatever he once did to gain some sort of control over the crazy one, it would be wise of him to begin working though backchannels with responsible American institutions to help contain the Trumpster until he can be safely removed from his lethal position of power.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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