The Trump-GOP Fiscal Irresponsibility And Death Machine

Because it is all smoke and mirrors in Trump world and Wall Street’s greed is insatiable, the Donald and his GOP robber baron friends stuck up the nation for trillions on the public debt — “tax cut.”

What did the fat cats get? Trump got a raging stock market to brag about for a while and another opportunity to con the simpletons in the MAGA hats. CEOs got some fat stocks to cash in while the going was good, and companies like the airlines could barely wait to squander their windfall (public money gift) on buying back their own stock. But now that their stock has crashed they will be coming back, hat in hand, to the federal government for a bailout with more public money.

Thus, the GOP and its Don, as always, are nonstop hosing the average American Jill and Joe. They say Trump kills all that he touches. Goodbye GOP, hello Coronavirus and God kelp America from the world’s must moronic administration ever.

Allowing a lifelong fool and phony con job like Trump into the office of America president, assisted by a disinformation right wing media, was the worse thing short of a nuclear holocaust that our great nation could ever have expected to experience.

The following editorial is from a New Jersey newspaper

GOP embraces socialism — when it’s their pandemic socialism

Just a few short weeks ago, Republicans were lecturing us about the evils of socialism. This is the same Republican Party, before Republican President Donald Trump took office in January 2017, that scolded us about deficits, debt and the “burden we’re leaving our children.” Remember those people?

Now, in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, and the corresponding drop in stock market indices and the shock to the economy, these same Republicans are proposing to spend at least $1 trillion that the nation will have to borrow in order to bail out selected industries and send people checks directly from the government.

Those of us who have been frugal, lived prudently and built a nest egg will be on the hook for more government debt. Have you ever noticed that, when there’s a Republican president, this “party of small government” trips over itself to throw government subsidies at the economy to prop it up? This is more about keeping Trump and the GOP in power than helping people. They don’t care if they have to bankrupt the country to do it.

Where are all the phony libertarians now with all their hifalutin talk about the “invisible hand” and how government shouldn’t meddle in the economy? Where are all the conservative deficit scolds lecturing us about debt? Where are the tea party phonies who used to pretend to care about fiscal responsibility?

My only conclusion is that these people never cared about any of those things. Staying in power is their only concern.

Joseph D. Bastrimovich, National Park

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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