The Trump Putin GOP Is The Real Enemy Of The American People

The Grand Old Party (GOP), Republican Party, has come a long winding road since it was conceived as an anti slavery party and the party of Lincoln way back in 1854. It was the party that fought to save the Union during the American Civil War. Then with rise of the Gilded Age of the corporate robber barons, it morphed into the upscale party of the well to do. Following World War Two and the advent of the Cold War with Russia, it became a staunch anti communist party and friend of the military industrial complex, big pharmacy and old oil.

When Democratic presidents Kennedy and Johnson supported civil rights in the 1960s, the GOP made a push of pretending to support the White working man while at once outsourcing his jobs to China and secretly encouraging cheap Mexican labor into its benefactor’s businesses, and then turning around politically attacking foreign workers as the reason for the decline in the living standards of the White working class, hoping to cause frustrated White’s to vote against their own best interest.

After thirty years of dog whistling xenophobic Whites into the GOP, Mr. super hate monger, Donald J. Trump, essential took control of the party, and since the Donald has been essentially captured by Putin’s Russia, Republicans found that they had to play nice with America’s worst enemy. Indeed, Trump and the GOP have opened wide the door of fortress America, allowing the Russians to do as they please.

To this end Trump has just pulled America out of a missile treaty (IMF) that will allow Putin to place intermediate range nuclear weapons just minutes of flight time from our European allies. This is something Putin has been aiming to do for a long time, and by Trump’s actions it looks to our allies like its America’s fault, and it is — another of many gifts that Trump has given to Putin.

But modern America may be coming to the rescue. Modern multicultural America — as far as numbers, education and political power go — Is finally in position whereby it can directly confront this Trump lead national menace. In other words todays average Americans are likely strong enough to save America from the exploitation of domestic special interests and foreign adversaries. In fact there is a billboard currently near Trump’s spiritual base of Mar-a-Logo near Palm Beach, Florida that sports giant letters G O P with a hammer and cycle in the middle of the O. This of course is meant to drive home the message that the Trump, Putin, GOP connection is the real security threat to American not our Southern boarder.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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