The United States Has Become The Worst Of All Possible Worlds To Govern

The best that nature has ever managed to come up with in the area of governance is tribalism on a small scale, and so to that end nature hardwired the primitive human ego with a tribal impulse for closely cooperating with those of like kind. This simple system of rule functioned reasonably well for tens of thousands of years when tiny groups of people of a common race, religion and similar culture were thinly spaced around the globe.

As populations grew, however, conflict among, and particularly between, peoples of marked differences clashed ever more. This is because the negative offset of the positive aspect of the tribal impulse is fear, conflict and war with the “other,”

America’s founding fathers, hoping to find a better solution for internal conflict, set upon an experiment in democracy. This would be a radical departure from what was in vogue at the time, dynastic (family) rule, which was somewhat in line with nature’s tribal system. But this family means of rule was far from perfect. As we know from “Games of Thrones” such a system invited all sorts of murderous schemes and civil wars.

The first massive hurdle for America’s style of democracy was race, as it related to Southern slavery. In a nation announcing itself, by declaring that all men are created equal, black slavery struck a mighty sour note in the nation’s song of freedom.

Solving this discordant situation became the great American Civil War, a bloody mess of politics by other means. In a nation with a free population of just 27.3 million souls, the war caused the death of some 600,000.

Since those gory early days, America has greatly expanded its diversity, its multicultural dimensions. Moreover the system of rule in America through the years — in which this broad mixture of peoples must function — has haphazardly been cobbled together by political advantage of the day. Thus we end with pure craziness of government structure where a small state like Delaware has as many Senators as the huge states of Texas and California. Additionally the rules of Congress are more or less what the party in power says they are, and the rules of the judiciary are hardly less murky.

So now in this human stew of different races, religions, and regions, and varying degrees of wealth and education, you add a sociopathic, demagogic president to stir the masses for his own personal benefit, its just got to be the last straw that ends this nation’s chance for survival as a functioning state.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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