The United States Of America: Trump’s Corruption Inc.

It is sadly hilarious to see naïve workingmen and small time entrepreneur, so innocently hail the splendiferous businessman Donald Trump, a shyster of world renown, as their ideal of a president for the common man. They of course know this because the compulsive liar has repeatedly told them so. It’s a bit like asking a Christian why he believes in God. Because the Bible tells me so, he replies, as if the creators of the Bible were wholly lacking in political motivation for assembling bits and pieces of thousands of writings to create the “holy” book. To the foolish true believer its origin is a mystery — thus it must be an inspired work of God.

And so to the foolish true believers in Trump, the Donald, too, is somewhat viewed as a holy representative from God, for he deceives himself to be a sort of God, as a wildly fanciful means for overcompensation for his core fear of inferiority. And so his over selling of his essence helps to reassure others of self-doubt of their own worth.

For thousands of years rulers in the Middle East have looked upon bribery as a normal way of gaining and holding on to power, not to mention accumulating wealth. They even have managed at times to successful apply the technique to western dealings, but until Trump erupted onto the scene, American presidents have remained solidly above such crass eastern traditions.

There is, however, the habit of all major powers to put together detailed psychological profiles of what motivates other heads of state, revealing what they are about as a person and what they want. The profile on Trump was simple. It had other world leaders, like Mr. Un of North Korea, licking their chops in anticipation of dealing with such an impetuous fool. Here was a man for whom trickery and bribery were keys to his soul. They knew Trump would attempt to run America as if it were his own private company, and that with such a shallow man as the Donald, bribery would be fully in play.

So now the president’ s corruptions are beginning to spout to the surface. Here was a man who made it a center tenant of his presidential campaign to grab back jobs lost to China. But now, however, since it was revealed that China is backing loans to a theme park and other Trump income producing businesses in Jakarta Indonesia, Trump has suddenly ordered that the giant ZTE Chinese Phone company, which the United States has be punishing for a host of reasons, including because it posses a security thread to America, must be saved. And thus for purely selfish gains, Trump is using his office as president to enrich himself, instead of saving American jobs, Trump is tweeting that it is necessary for American taxpayer money to prop up ZTE in order to save Chinese Jobs as a payoff for the Chinese stuffing money in the Donald’s pocket. Indeed, Trump’s American public corporation is up and running in full corruption mode.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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