There Are Three Degrees Of White Xenophobia Which Is Mainly Composed Of Racism, Nationalism And Sexism

In an overwhelming White Male controlled nation, pandering to White xenophobia has always been a critical part of American politics. To gain the backing of haters of “others” (a product of the negative tribal impulse) has always been low hanging fruit for unscrupulous politicians. And since hate is the most powerful of unifying agents, once gained, haters become the most fanatically loyal supporters.

Every human being on earth is afflicted with the hatred of the “other” impulse. We are just wired that way. But according to the society in which one was raised and has lived, the variety of experiences and education one has been exposed to, and lacking feelings of guilt and inferiority, it is quite possible to drive down the fear and hatred of “others” to the point whereby this negative is virtually nonexistent. On the other hand many love to wallow in their xenophobia. It’s the only way they have of giving them selves a feeling of self-worth.

Since Donald Trump has come on the political scene the terms “other” and tribal have been freely bandied about by liberal commentators. Yet the perplexity by which these pundits continue to look upon the intensity of Trump supporters shows that they clearly don’t understand the degree to which the human tribal impulse controls minds of a kind that Trump seeks to bring to his cause.

There are three degrees of xenophobia. There is the full-blown KKK kind of hatred; the only slightly modified Donald Trump brand and the sort of soft porn dog whistled level of xenophobic appeal of the GOP, ever since it came up with the Democrats for Regan Southern strategy.

In any event, most folks have no clue as to the xenophobic tribal impulse that shapes their thinking. They either overtly or covertly rise above it in goodness or they don’t. If it’s the latter they rally around demagogues like Trump to justify their hateful outlook of the “other.”

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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