There Has Been A Two Part Sea Change In The Configuration Of The American Electorate That Favors President Trump

It is ironic that while the vast majority of Americans find Donald Trump a repulsive personality, two factors have converged that provides him outsized political power. The first part of this bizarre two part mishmash is that those superficial folks who groove on reality TV, thinking it actually does represent some sort of meaningful authenticity, have pretty much, as I have repeatedly mentioned, drifted into a single political party — the Republican Party. Talking heads have yet to get their arms fully around this most somber consolidation of the negative.

The second part of such an unexpected combination is that in the minds of his follows, the Donald is the king of reality TV. These folks are not traditional Republicans or even in many instances conservatives in the traditional Wall Street sense of the term. But they have become the majority of the new Republican base, and the powers to be in the GOP are terrified of them and their flashy leader Donald J. Trump, who of course by an outlandish quark of fate has usurped the presidency.

Trump may be incurious, lazy and impetuously childish but as with all successful super salesmen he knows exactly how to manipulate the gullible and the aggrieved. And while in truth Trump is a total political misfit and economic and business failure who was compel to go hat-in-hand to Russian gangsters (Putin and Company) to be bailed out in return for providing our chief advisory money laundering services, he has been a genius at portraying himself to the unsophisticated as a rousingly successful empire builder.

With the pathetic Republican base unshakably in Trump’s corner the GOP leaders have little incentive to buck him. In fact by now Trump has no need for the traditional Republican Party. He could probably just as easily pull out of the GOP, crushing it by forming his own Trump Party, and be even stronger among his “true believer” followers.

And so via Trump and his minions America has become totally at the mercy of our longtime archenemy — Putin’s Russia. If there exists anyway to untangle this deadly knot of vulnerability and destructive “leadership” it fully escapes my reasoning.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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