There Is A Practical Strategy For Significantly Curbing The Slaughter Of Mass Shootings

The vast majority of Americans, in including responsible gun owners, want to do something meaningful to combat America’s epidemic of mass shootings, especially of our children in public spaces. No other advanced nation on earth experiences this sort of painful and senseless carnage, and it isn’t because they have better mental heath programs — the great evasive meme of the gun lobby. No indeed, the exceedingly obvious reason that other sophisticated nations experience a tiny faction of America’s massacres of this nature is that other such nations simply are not handcuffed by America’s flimsy styled gun laws.

For countless years America’s citizens have railed against the absurdity of the way gun ownership is handled. There is no use in rehashing the ridiculous nature of such gun laws; they have been debated to “death.” At the heart of the problem is political rot (mostly Republicans), politicians afraid of the gun manufacturers and their lobby, the NRA, the nation’s child killers.

Mostly folks have tried endlessly to defeat, with a broad front of condemnation, this deadly political corruption to no avail. The better angels of America need to reverse this scatter shot (bad wording — sorry) approach and get very specific. The road to practical, effective gun laws can start with the defeat of but a single NRA backed politician.

Currently it would appear that the gun lobby has enormous political influence simply because it can threaten to feed large sums of money to opponents of those who refuse to follow the gun lobby’s line. To citizens of good will, I say that two can play this game. Yes, the gun lobby would appear to have enormous political clout, but it can’t compete against virtually the entire nation when the nation’s money and energy is radically focused upon a single political contest at a time, a process that in short order could explode across the entire electoral spectrum.

So I say pick wisely, at first, a political contest where the NRA backs a specific candidate and swamp the opponent with cash and energy the gun lobby can’t possibly match. Believe it or not there are lots of billionaires in American eager to do the right thing. Tap their resources.

After a few high profile victories against the forces of political rot, the tide will turn as the process mushrooms across the country, putting in positions of political power men who will act on behalf of the people and not the greedy merchants of death.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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