There Should Be Little Doubt By Now That Trump Is Directly Under Russian Control

Month after month political pundits have been coming up with all the wrong MAIN reasons for what Trump does: it’s plainly just his ego thing at work; he is simply a racist; his whole business hangs on Russian money; he feels inferior to Obama and wants to destroy his legacy, he’s afraid of a pee, pee tape being turned lose by Putin; he’s trapped in a job he hates and never really wanted, he wants to prove his father wrong — he’s not an idiot.

Well, yes, it is a little bit of each of these things in the background, but not the overwhelming driving force for his determination to reject advice from every quarter, even from those supposed to be his allies. The common thread of Trump’s actions isn’t even aimed at his reelection or to fire up his base if you look closely at what he does.

The common thread always comes back to actions aimed at undermining America and her ally’s interests, and thus serving Putin’s interests. Far and away this is the heart and soul of the Trump presidency. Some know it as fact. Some suspect this and have strongly hinted at it. But no one of any real stature as yet has said it plainly — Trump is a full-blown agent of Putin’s Russia.

By the clumsy way Trump goes about his reasoning for his actions, there’s a very good chance that not even he is aware of how the Russians have taken control of him through some clever hypnotic brainwashing sessions. His egotistical personally would have made him an incredibly easy target. And once under Russian control reinforcing that control would be duck soup — all those one on one meeting with Putin and other Russians aren’t for nothing, you know.

I have little doubt that the CIA knows exactly what the Russian did to Donny Boy, but so far it is way too politically hot to acknowledge. Still, eventually the NYT or the WP will piece it all together along with Mueller and the Democrats and all hell will break loose. Everyday hints of this coming revelation get a little stronger. Wait for it…..

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Only a few hours after I wrote the above article the New York Times broke the blockbuster story of the FBI’s probe of Trump’s loyalty.

“The FBI was so distressed by President Donald Trump’s behavior in the second week of May 2017, when he fired FBI Director James B. Comey, that it opened criminal and counterintelligence investigations to determine if the president was acting on behalf of Russia against the United States or had fallen under its sway, the New York Times reported on Friday night.”

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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