This is a great academic exercise. Unfotunately it is all reduced to convoluted theory by the ultimate law of the universe — probability balance. Okay you may ask, what in the heck is probability balance? Can it be mathematically proven?

The first part is easy. The universal law of probability balance only exists in a functioning universe. It says that at some point in time all creation must be offset by destruction — stars are born and stars die.

Since we humans are a product of the universe we can’t avoid its laws, especially probability balance. That is why over and over again you see love offset by hate and peace offset by war no matter how hard we humans struggle against these negative offsets of a million kinds.

Is there a mathematical proof — no. The same way mathematical proofs can’t be found for certain other complex working of the universe, and we are not talking supernatural nonsense here. It is just that some complexities are so inexplicable with logic that even mathematics can’t find an answer.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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