This is a masterful portrait of the dark side of America, Tom. But it is really much more than America, it is all of humanity.

Look, America attempted a bold experiment in democracy even when it was starting from the deep pit of slavery.

This, however, flies in the face of the way base humanity is programed. We are programed at the tribal level, not at a super state level. Sure the very sophisticated can manage democracy on a large scale, but there will alway be millions that can't understand anything beyond their line of sight. Today be call them Trumpists.

Moreover, the base ego is programed to survive at all cost and to seek advantage at every opportunity to that end. Thus conflict is inevitable even at the tribal level let alone a super state one.

Eventually some conflict or technical glitch will let loose all those thousands of nuclear tipped missiles to end humanity's blink of an eye existence, relative to space time.

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