This Will Not Be The First Time Trump And His Bro-Friend Have Meet Alone

Soon Trump will be back in the company of his kind of guy, the ruthless dictator type. Of course their earlier one on one (plus Putin’s technical staff) get gatherings were never revealed, but we know now by Trump’s words and deeds that the Russians must have performed quite a bit of mental messaging of the Donald.

Indeed, it’s believed that Putin has been inviting Trump to hypnotic “relaxation” seminars ever since the time of the future president’s 2013 beauty contest trip to Russia. With each of Trump’s Russian treatments, he finds that he has more and more come to appreciate Putin’s world view of peace and harmony, which so amazingly matches his own warm and fuzzy feelings along these lines.

It fact it has been rumored that many of Trump’s strange ideas for making America great again (trade wars and screwing with NATO) came out of these spirit lifting meetings with the Russian killer and his team, I mean, as Trump would say, fantastic Russian leader — much smarter than previous American leaders.

Of course at Putin’s suggestion the two agreed that these delightful encounters should remain their little secret, and so they have preferred to meet alone lately, except for a Russian interpreter. With this forthcoming occasion, however, the whole world knows of their private rendezvous and is freaking out about it, especially our soon not to be best allies.

Trump just doesn’t get the same warm vibe at NATO meetings. He thinks these cold European jerks don’t like his good friend Vlad. The same goes for America’s deep state security agencies — awful people who just don’t love him the way Vlad does. I’m sure the Donald is looking forward to another pleasant time with his handler. You simply have to keep those instructions fresh or they lose their punch, you know.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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