Three Cheers For Fascism — Really?

We all know that democracy is a messy, clumsy, sluggish form of governance. So why do we persist in trying to make this most unnatural form of rule work? I mean we humans are hardwired at our most primitive level to follow the strong man, the decisive bully who will break some heads to get the job done, the guy (and you know we all really want a guy in charge), the chap who says in effect, just hand over your burden of thinking to me — you need not feel responsible for yourself or anything else for that matter. I can do it all.

What a great deal — no fuss no muss. No wasteful, expensive circus campaigns full of exaggerated promises and ridiculous slogans. Who needs such crap? Besides we citizens have a lot more fun things to do than try and figure out which of the candidates is worth our valuable time and support should we even find the strength to tear ourselves away from “reality” TV, “The Price Is Right,” or contemplating whether or not my beloved Eagles will win another Super Bowl. (Actually this later item is quite important.)

Well, folks, things are looking up. With a little help from his friend Putin and the cheating fat cat Republicans, the Donald has managed to intimidate his way into the White House for the purpose of trying to liberate us from the afflictions of democracy. Sure it might get a little scary at times as our president periodically threaten other nations with nuclear annihilation. But let’s face it, folks, that’s what a strong leader is suppose to do — right?

Sure this might all seem a little strange at first — jus kicking back and watching a brilliant, know it all executive with super powers do what used to require the effort of thousands of government employees and politician to do. Fascism is the way and the light. Nothing can go wrong, can go wrong, can go….

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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