Trump: A Clear And Present Danger Like No Other

As if it needed confirming for anyone with half a brain, Trump has already adequately confirmed by his few years in office of the president that his life of unending failure has reach stratospheric heights of bad decision-making — decisions based on absolutely nothing. That he managed to hide his colossal failures from a substantial segment of the general public over the years — behind his father’s almost half a billion dollar fortune and God knows how much the Russians paid him for money laundering services and their just plain gifts to him for future services he may provide as president doing Putin’s bidding — has brought America to the edge of the unthinkable.

For most folks who understand the score here, the bailing from the Trump fiasco administration of Secretary of Defense James Mattis is the last straw. We should now see if Republican politicians value not only the survival of their party and country, but also the very lives of their families and themselves over mere political considerations.

Trump as president now finds himself a cornered and terrified rat, one that is totally lacking in both personality and ability to be capable of turning toward a positive direction. So though in countless ways the Donald is everyday handing gifts to our enemies, even the Russians are no doubt fearful that such a loose cannon as Trump could at any minute go completely bonkers and push the doomsday button. That’s what lots of mass murderers do when they can’t see a way out of their miserable lives — they desire to take as many others as possible with them to the grave.

At the bottom of all of Hitler’s military adventures was a personal suicide mission that he only completed after he had caused the demise of some sixty million additional souls. And of course with world ending nukes at his disposal Trump can easily break that record for mass carnage bigly. Remember everything Trump says concerning others is the very thing he, himself, is all about. It should therefore terrify every human being on earth that in his inaugural address, Trump said that with him as president the carnage would end; so you know what that really means in Trump speak.


Don’t think the Russians aren’t mulling over the possible need for a preemptive strike, and I don’t mean into Ukrainian territory.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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